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Sorry - Term 1 Limestone Rangers Programme is cancelled


Welcome to the best School Holiday Programme in Whangarei

Kia ora koutou, 

Welcome to the “Limestone Rangers” School Holiday Programme in Whangarei. Please read the following information carefully (even if you have signed up in the past as some times etc have changed). Then complete your booking by clicking here:-------------------------------------- or on the “Book Here" link at the top or the bottom of the page. Please feel free to contact me @ if you have any further questions.


                                                                   Cheers – Luke Kirner (Safe Outdoors NZ)

Limestone Rangers - Introduction / Terms & Conditions

“Limestone Rangers” is a School Holiday Programme for 5 yr olds and up based on Limestone Island / Matakohe. The focus is on providing creative and adventurous (but low risk) activites which promote environmental awareness and personal growth. We also believe strongly  (alongside the neorology experts) in the huge benefits of child-led free play. So we maintain the ability to adapt to the participant's interests throughout the day. Activities may include:

- Boat ride using “Friends of Matakohe / Limestone Island” (FOMLI) barge.

- Restoration projects – planting / weeding / pest control etc

- Flora & Fauna ID & education

- Crafting projects

- History lessons - Maori & European

- Bushcraft skills – shelter building, harakeke, map reading / orienteering, Flora ID

- Adventure Based Learning (ABL) – team building / leadership games & activities.

- Environmental Ed – Sustainable practices, kaitiakitanga, waste reduction, beach clean.

- Swimming (dependant on conditions).

- Self directed learning / free (supervised) play time.




$55 Per child  (note: there will be no discount this time for Multiple days or children)


Sorry - Term 1 Limestone Rangers Programme has been cancelled. At this stage the Nature'sCool programme is still running.



Key times - A typical day may progress as follows:

8.30- 9.30am:            Meet at Onerahi playground, welcome brief / games.

9.30 - 10am:               Quarantine & transport to Limestone Island via FOMLI barge

10 – 11am:                   Island welcome, Morning tea (please provide your own)

                                   Free time / play or activity.

11 – 11.30pm:               Walk to a different location.

11.30 – 1pm:                Activity slot / lunch.

1 - 1.30pm:                  Walk to a different location            

1.30 - 3pm:                 Activity slot # 2

3 – 3.15pm:                Transport to Onerahi Boat ramp via FOMLI barge

3.15 - 3.30pm:            Parent pick up.                  

3.30 - 4.30pm            Supervision @ playground (@ $13/ half hour per child).

Drop off

Participants should be dropped off at the Playground near the Onerahi Boat ramp (see map below) unless rough weather has forced an alternative venue (see below). We will be there and available to supervise participants in the playground from 8.30am until the programme officially starts at 9am. Please let us know when you arrive so that we can sign your child in. The boat usually leaves at 9.30am (so don’t be late).

Pick up 

We will be back at the Onerahi Boat ramp between 3 - 3.15pm unless weather dictates an early departure. The programme officially ends at 3.15pm and after 3.30pm a supervision fee of $6.50 per 15 minutes / per person will apply. Please complete the relevant section of the Sign up form if you require this service and make sure you let us know that you have collected your child (so that we can sign them out).

What to bring (including food)

Involvement in this programme requires the participants to be comfortable out and about in (most) weather. They will also need to carry their bag everywhere we go. On cold days with rain and / or strong winds forecast, participants should expect to get a bit wet, so please pack the warm / waterproof clothing mentioned below if required :

· Rain jacket

· Warm jersey (fleece etc)

· T shirt & Thermal layer if it’s cold

· Swimming outfit & Towel (if hot)  - Please include a rash / swimming top

· Shorts / pants

· Solid footwear (beach shoes are perfect, Jandals are not).

· Sun hat / sunscreen

· Water bottle (full)

· Full change of clothes if your little one is likely to need it.

· Food – heaps of healthy / filling kai with minimal plastic packaging.

· Solid backpack to put it all in.

· Medication / asthma inhaler / Epi Pen etc.


Participants will generally spend the day as one group, however they may be split into smaller groups according to interest areas.  Siblings / friends can choose to be in the same group. All groups will operate in similar areas throughout most of the day.



We operate under a general ratio of 1 : 8 (Instructor : Participant) when on the Island with a maximum of 16 paying participants will take part. The ratio may be reduced in situations we identify as requiring more staff. An example of this is Swimming, where a minimum ratio of 1 : 6 (kids in the water) will be followed.

Minimum numbers

Limestone Ranger trips to the Island run on a minimum number of 10 participants. If this number is not reached within 24 hours of the booked day then parents will be contacted to negotiate alternative options / solutions which suit them. The first alternative priority is that their booking will be switched to a "Nature'sCool" day along with a $10 refund. Option B is that they will be changed to a different date. Option C sees a full refund.


As Limestone Island / Matakohe is a pest free Island it is important that we do our bit to ensure it stays that way. The most likely stowaway is the invasive Argentine Ants (very small & quick), however we will also be checking for invasive seeds being carried on footwear or in bags (commonly in the “mesh” pockets etc). Please do a quick check before leaving home (espeacially if you have an ant issue).

Boat ride / Barge

We will be using the FOMLI barge to transport participants to the Island. This vessel has MOSS accreditation, is operated by a commercial skipper and is often used to transport school groups across. Participants will be fitted with a life jacket and given a safety briefing. The vessel has no roof or windscreen, so participants can expect to get a bit wet if it is raining or if there is some “chop” combined with wind. We may use a tarpaulin as a makeshift cover if need be, but participants should bring a raincoat etc if conditions suggest the trip may be a bit wet.

Rough Weather & low numbers alternative

The nature of this Holiday Programme means that we are subject to weather conditions allowing for safe passage in the barge. In the event that it is too rough for the barge to safely operate, or if we do not get to the minimum number of 10 participants, then parents will have the option of their child attending the 'Nature'sCool' programme based on the Huanui College property.

A decision on weather will be made by the Skipper and the Senior Instructor by 8pm the evening before the trip. If an alternative site is to be used, a message updating the drop off location will be sent to the email address you provide and will also be placed on the Limestone Rangers facebook page by 9pm. If you received no such message then assume normal drop off location. 

Accidents / Emergencies

Safe Outdoors NZ is commited to providing a safe service. In the unlikely event that an accident or emergency occurs, Safe Outdoors Staff will follow the Safety Action Plan (SAP) or Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Resources on the Island include cell phones (always carried), and 2 x boats to get participants off the Island. We also have access to warm buildings etc if required.

The most common injury is oyster cuts. This is why we try to keep away from heavy areas and enforce a "shoes on" policy in most situations (we do have a safe area for swimming that is free of oysters). 


Due to the nature of the programme, it's activities and location(s), it is vital for participant safety that everyone follows the rules and listens to instructions. Below is a list of rules we will give the participants (just the most important ones), please take time to talk about these with your child(ren) before taking part.

  • When an Instructor is talking to the group, please stop talking, look and listen.
  • Most activities involve some risk, if people are not listening or following instructions, then we will either have to remove that person or stop the activity for safety reasons.
  • Take care of each other and yourself.
  • Be positive & smile!!

In the unlikely event that a child is unable to maintain their own safety, or the safety of those around them, then parents will be called to discuss the situation. Safe Outdoors NZ reserves the right to remove such participants from the programme if deemed necessary. 



Luke Kirner:   022 027 1605

Emma Craig will be acting as senior instructor over the October Holidays. Please contact Emma if you have any issues on the day. Her contact number is on the Booking Confirmation email. 


As we limit the number of paying participants to 16 per day, full payment needs to be made in order to confirm your child’s place on the programme. Reservation requests can be made by emailing with details of when payment will be made. If a reservation is approved, it will be held open for approx 24 hours unless alternative arrangements have been made.

In the unlikely event that your payment is received after the requested day is full, then this payment can either by refunded, or allocated to an alternative day (providing there is space).

ANZ account:  You will find the Safe Outdoors NZ Ltd account number at the bottom of the sign up form. Please include the code: "LR" followed by your last name.

Cancellation Policy:

We can offer a full refund of payment within One Week of the booked programme. Sorry but after this time there will be no refund available. This is to give us enough time to fill the position and book instructors etc. In special circumstances (e.g: last minute sickness) we may be able to transfer your booking to another day as long as there is space. 

That's it, thanks for reading! Now sign up below!