Terms & Conditions

(Please note: Terms & Conditions are a work in process and not exhaustive as yet). Some links etc will not work just yet. Please email me @ safeoutdoorsnz@gmail.com if you have any specific questions.


Nature’sCool is aimed at any child in the wider Whangarei area, who would benefit from a regular "One Day" per week immersed in an outdoor learning environment within a child- led, free play framework (we think this is every kid!) 

We offer a regular Half Day or Full Day break from traditional schooling (as permitted under the Education Act 1989 - with permission from your principal / Board of Trustees). Or Half Day / Full Day options for Home Schooler's and everyone else.


Nature’sCool will be staffed primarily by Luke Kirner & Emma Craig but may be complemented by the addition of Hilary Cooper and / or Scott Gundesen or other instructors / speacial guests. (See ‘Meet the crew’ section). Safe Outdoors NZ Ltd takes great pride in it’s highly trained / qualified and experienced staff.  

Nature’sCool runs on a Maximum ratio of 1:8.


Section 71 of the Education Act 1989 

A board may authorise any students to make visits; outside the school premises; and where the board has done so, a student shall be deemed to be attending the school while undertaking the course, obtaining the experience, or making the visit.

Safe Outdoors NZ Ltd is not required to be registered as an alternative provider, nor do we require auditing under the Adventure Activities Regulations. An agreement is required between the parents and the principal. Safe Outdoors NZ will work through this process with both parties as required on a case by case basis. This process will likely begin with the parents outlining the key reasons why the programme would suit their child. 

Safe Outdoors would then assist to develop this document to a point where it can be presented to the principal in an official application. It would be usual that the principal would be notified of this process, and given sufficient time to make a decision.

Please note: Nature’sCool participants will be expected to take part in the programme for the duration of the term. We will develop some further policy around this, but essentially, schools will likely not release children under a ‘casual’ basis, and must only release children to an alternative education provider. Some schools may require Safe Outdoors NZ to supply them with attendance information. 

Safe Outdoors NZ Ltd views Nature’sCool as being complementary of the child’s traditional schooling, and will seek opportunities to engage with Principals and Teachers in order to ascertain the potential impacts of the programme for any given student. 

How much?

Full Day  = $60 per day / kid  ($600 for the Ten weeks of Term 4).

Half Day = $35 per student ($350 for the Ten weeks of Term 4) 

It is expected that students will sign up for the entire term, and payment will be required two weeks in advance, with a two week cancellation period in force. 

Note: I have really battled with setting the price! I would love to make it cheaper and cringe at the thought of families getting excited about this and then not being able to afford it.  The reality is that in order to have the highest quality, safe and fun programme, we need to pay for the very best instructors and we need to maintain low ratios. 


The Term 4 Nature’sCool programme will starts on Wednesday16th October (Pending sufficient numbers) and continue every Wednesday for the remainder of the term (a total of Ten weeks). 

We have decided to start by offering Wednesdays as it is expected this will prove the most popular option. We do hope that this will eventually spread to include Thursdays & Fridays, and perhaps even beyond. 

It is Safe Outdoors NZ’s intentions to continue the Nature’sCool programme into the foreseeable future. This will however depend on participant numbers.The programme will take a break during the school holidays, as we will instead offer School Holiday programmes through both Limestone Rangers and Nature'sCool - Huanui.  


Full Day:

Nature’sCool will start at 8.45am and finish at 3.15pm.

Free supervision is available onsite from 8.30am and up until 3.30pm, after which a late fee of $10 per 15 minutes will apply.

Half Day options:

Am: (8.45am - 11.45pm) 

Free supervision available until 12pm after which a late fee of $10 per 15 minutes will apply.

Pm (12.15 - 3.15pm)

Free supervision available until 3.30pm after which a late fee of $10 per 15 minutes will apply.

Note: We do intend on aligning transport options with the current school bus services to / from Huanui College. 


Nature’sCool will take place on the Huanui College property in Glenbervie, Whangarei. This property includes several large pockets of native bush, a fresh water spring, a swamp / wetland, over 1km of stream, rolling paddocks, as well as horses & farm animals (chickens, pigs, sheep etc). It is our intention to build a number of large shelters to escape to during periods of heavy rain.

The agreement between Safe Outdoors NZ Ltd and Huanui College is based around ‘Nature’sCool’ being mutually beneficial to both parties. There is no exchange of money, Nature’sCool is simply granted access to the property in exchange for the positive promotion associated with this venture.

In addition, Luke Kirner (me) currently has a role in developing an Outdoor Programme for Huanui College to commence in 2020. This programme will be largely based around Well-being and the “Exploration and Enhancement of the Natural Environment, as a means for Exploring and Enhancing our own Well-Being”. Nature’sCool provides an opportunity to experiment with ideas and activities, including the riparian planting of the stream. 

Both Safe Outdoors NZ Ltd and Huanui College agree that Nature’sCool will compliment the aspirations of the Huanui Outdoor Programme and vise versa.

It is also our intention to become mobile at some point in the future. This will likely utilise a van or bus in order to gain access to more locations, including the coast. The day will however, begin and end at Huanui College.